Friday, August 27, 2010

Cross Country

As I was waiting for the races to start I could feel my hands shivering with cold. We were on the courts for cross country, waiting our races.
The 11 year old boys went first then we (the 10 year old boys) lined up. Mr Burt got his wooden clapper ready . “Bang!” I heard a clap and we sprinted off fast, to get ahead of the bunch. When I was running the cold air was blowing in my face.
We got to the gate and it was muddy my feet were sinking in to the mud and they were going cold like ice. Then my friend Waata caught up to me and we were talking for a while then I sprinted off again. As I was going around the corner I was slowing down because I felt tired so I started to walk started to walk.
I could see the finish so I put on a burst of speed . People were cheering as I was running through the finish line.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Immersion Assembly

In the Assembly I saw the teachers dressed up as pirates. Miss Burne was dressed up as James Cook. They looked funny but I still wanted to know what the topic was . Mr Burt told us it was Mighty Mariner. I said to my self "What is mighty mariners?" . Then team 1 came up a and they showed a movie about them going on a waka but they were siting down. Their movie finished and then team 2 came up. Mrs She was dressed up as a pirate and Mrs Burne was dressed up as James Cook. First Miss Burne was talking. She said she was James Cook then Mrs She was talking. She said she was a pirate then she was saying to Caption Cook she wanted an i-phone. She finally gave Mrs Burne a hug. THE END