Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Groups negatives and positives

Last week we had our creative strand  our movie was based on love and we chose to get little kids and say what they love about school.

The most negative thing about my groups movie was That we had no camera angels and it was short and we didn't use our time properly. It was short because we couldn't get to our footage it was locked away.

The most positive thing about my groups movie was that we worked with little kids and we had fun playing with them. We all had a good time and we all had lots of fun.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Martin Luther King

Walking united to the Lincoln Memorial we were peacefully singing. cheerfully and proudly waiting for Martin Luther King to announce what was going on, Martin words where “ I have a dream”  he wanted his people to be treated equally and his people not having to give up a seat for white people. That black people can go to the same school as white people and the black have the same funds as the white people.

Monday, August 5, 2013


For the last two days our class room 19 has been going to Lyn and Harold in the life ED caravan to learn about WOF(warrant of fitness). She said that cars need fuel and oil to keep it running and we need food to keep our body running. then we learnt about when your addicted to fatty foods such as Pies from shop's,Mac Donald,KFC,burger king and Wendy and more.

We learnt about what was true and false like if chocolate was a Vegetable because it was coco beans  and coco beans come from trees but no it is false. Then we were talking about the food pyramid and that new Zealands pyramid is turning to go the other way.

After we were finished we watched a movie about a bird and a pig and they were talking about healthy food and we should keep our body healthy. Then when that finished he were able to see Harold for a little while before we left the caravan then it was time to say good bye.