Monday, May 27, 2013

training for fun run

For the last two weeks we have been training for the our fun run. For our fun run we have to get sponsors (aunty's,uncles,dad,mum,nannas or poppas) to give us money at the end of the run. But first we have to run 5ks that's why we have been running 1k every day.

we have to go out to the reserve and start as we run we run threw mud,water and trees. at the end of  every run every one has to run threw the gate and sit down and take a break. After the run is over every one is tired and lying on the grass that's when the teachers say we have to run again.

I'm doing all right at  running but I need to slow down and work on my paste if I run fast at the start I get tired at the middle. then I start to walk threw all of it my time is about 6:30 It would be good to do better and paste my self in my running.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maths whizz

Since last week our class room 19 have been on maths whizz. Maths whizz is a good place for maths as well as math problems like this one. On this problem you have to work out if the shape is a regular or irregular. if its a regular you put it in the regular box and if its a irregular you have to put it in the irregular.maths whizz is alot of fun and iv'e had a good experience with it.

reading reflection 2

Pages 25-58

When I read the part about when he uses all his wishes , I pictured the genie would come back and give him some more wishes.

I wonder why the author chose to make the boy run out of wishes just like that.

This book is getting better and it's kind of funny

You will never believe who came to our school. It was and our fiafia group hip hop got to perform for him. We had to wait in our music room for the kapa haka to finish so we could go on. When we walked threw the door we saw him then we walked on stage and then we performed. Then when we finished performing we went back in to the music room and walked back into the hall a sat at the back. It was his time to talk he said he was giving 100 thousand dollars to the manaiakalani trust.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


TITLE: Maggot pie
AUTHOR: Michael Lawrence

Pages 1-25

SUMMARIZE:This book is about, A boy named Jiggy McCue and he is the boy with all the bad luck in his hole school. And he has to pee in a pool to get good luck.

EVALUATE:I like this story because. The boy always does dumb stuff all the time.

I like this book but its a bit slow of getting to the point of things.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends say about me

On the last day of the last term. Our class had to walk around with paper on our backs so people could write on them. They had to write positive thing about what they thought about us. It was cool to see people writing positive things on my back as well as every one else's.

One of the things that they said about me was that I looked like sonny bill. I don't know why, its probably because I had a hair cut like him. And I try to not get it messed up and get it wreaked.

Another thing they said about me was that I was funny. Probably because some time I make up funny things and every one starts to laugh. And when I do funny stuff to make people laugh and dum stuff to.

The opportunity of doing that was cool because I found out things that I didn't know about me.