Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Holidays

In the holidays I went to the tunnels by devin port that the navy built these tunnels were made when New Zealand was at war. When we were driving to the tunnels I could imagin all the guns that would be there and all the tunnels that they dug. When we got there we drove to the entrance of the tunnels got out and we started to explore the tunnels and the caves.

When we got in side it was like every corner we turned it would get darker and darker and scearyer and scearyer. But the we gun it was no ordinary gun it was a big cannon used to blow up ships that would come in to our harbour then we saw five smaller ones surrounding it but they were the same they were cannons. When we went back inside the tunnels it was even darker for some reasoned you could see all the holes they made in the walls for there guns.

When we were about to leave the tunnels I saw steps leading to some were so i followed it at the end of the steps there was four of the same rooms. But in one there looked like there was train tracks there for the men to put the guns on and push it to there destination. Then we left the tunnels and as we were leaving I could see the cannons lined up and the biggest one in the middle it was awesome.