Thursday, November 18, 2010


In the weekend I saw people dressed up as vampires, ghosts, tooth fairies and ugly ghosts. It was Halloween. I didn't go because it looked boring and we didn't have any lollies. when people were walking around my street they had cape's,masks, fangs and paint. peoples lollie bags were filled up to the top. They had chocolates, fruit bursts and some people had money. my friend was going to dress up a tooth fairy but he cudent because his mum said no. THE END


In the weekend i was gardening at my Auntys house first (me and) my Aunty and i went to buy flowers. and we brought a weed mat,pebbles and some soil. When we got back home (me and) my Aunty and i layed down the weed mat. she started to cut holes where the plants went. She suddenly said “you can plant them now” so i dug holes were they went . We had “6 flaxe plants, 4 grassy plants, 2yellow plants and 1 blue plant.” When i planted all 13 plants then my aunty brang in the pebbles and we started to chuck them on. when it was finished i had to spray it. THE END

Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the holiday

In the holidays I played my psp at home. I was playing fight night round 3 and I was Mohammed Ali. It is a boxing game and I was versing Hopkins. When the bell rang I went up to Hopkins and punched him then I made him bleed, the bell rang so the round ended. Suddenly the ball rang again for the second round so I went up to Hopkins and I was punching him lots of times. He fell to the ground. Suddenly I heard the reef say “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10” then the bell rang again and it said KO. The ref came over and held up my hand and said, “ The winner by knock out, Mohamed Ali”. Then I went to another match. THE END