Monday, December 6, 2010

Dragon ball Z

In dragon ball Z Trunks has come back from the future to warn Yamcha,Tein, Goku,Vageta,Pekalo,Gohan and Krillin that androids are going to take over the world in 3 years. Trunks came back because he wanted to stop the androids now, or in the future they will kill every one. To prepare for the android invasion they started training. Gohan trained with Pekalo and Goku. Vageta went and trained by himself. Krilen went and trained with master Roushy, while Tien and Yamcha trained by themselves. Boma came up with an idea, she said, “why don’t you collect all of the dragon balls and tell the dragon to tell us were the androids so we can kill them.” But Vageta replied, “it will take three years to do that!”
Dragon ball z is my favourite show because for one, it has great characters. Secondly the battles are action-packed and exciting!

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