Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Room 17 Really needs a make over for our courtyard because it is ugly and no one wants to play here. One of the reasons that it is ugly is because that there is a big long hole in the middle. Plus grass is filling up the tap and it is geting yuck.

Little kids get hurt because there is no room on the courts and theres fights going on. People get crowded in the winter times cause the fields are closed a they have to play on the courts. Not many people come and play in it because it is boring and there is nothing to do.

Also kids get squashed on the courts by big kids then biger kids will squash them. We need to intice people to come and play in our court yard. Every body says Its not a good place to hang out because we all sent a survay out to some classes, to see if they like it but they all said no.

Plus the ditch in the middle of the courts is taking up the hole space and we can’t play the games we like to play. Unfortunatly the senior block tock all of the space, It tock all of the places that we like to play and it toke the courts that we play on.

If we make our court yard a better place kids might stop geting boweld over.

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