Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I did’nt even know how to play badminton and when I heard miss say we have badminton new I wasent going to do good. But when we got there I felt good about it until i saw the other people playing. It looked liked they played for years I did’nt have a good feling about this but i had to do it anyway.

It was hard to serve the shuttle because it was small like a ball, I tryed to serve it one time but i missed then I tryed to serve it another time then I missed. It was so hard that i had to give it to my buddy to serve then when he served it I missed it so the I had to try and serve it again and then i missed it.

When lin brang in the nets I new we were going to have a game and I was worried that I would’nt hit it and let the team down. But when I got on they served it to me and I hit it high, and then he hit it back then I got out.

I really like badminton now, so if we go back with perseverance and determination I know i can do better and serve the shuttle right.

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