Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We were getting ready to perform at the Fan-zone, we were still practising for three hours with my Cousins, my Uncle and my brother. Some of us got ready on time and then we practised, my uncle got the music ready.He recorded it on to the hard drive and then got our VIP passes.

I jumped in the van and left for the Fan-zone, we where nervous because there might be more then 1000 people there. All of us saw all the people that were there we could see other people performing to. We go c out and then, all of us didn't want to do it because there was Heep's of people walking in.

As soon as we were close i ran in, there was bad news we were to late to perform because my uncle toke to long to get it ready. I went to have a look how big the audience is it was small. But then, the lady said “I can try and get some one to move in to your slot and give you some time to get ready” but we didn't perform.

Next time we know now to get ready on time, and don't take long to record the music. We
were disappointed and left straight away.

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