Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nelsan mandala

Link: The Young Mandela
(Birthdate/place, Education, Work)

Link: Problems In South Africa
What is South Africa’s ethnic makeup?
Europun and asain
Which country first colonised South Africa? What other country also colonised South Africa?
What is the ANC?
African national congrass
What was their goal?
To be able to vote for rights
What happened in 1948?
The south african goverment made new laws so black and white people were apart

Link: Struggle For Freedom
What does the word Apartheid mean?
They were apart
What was Apartheid like in South Africa?
It was that black people couldnt live in the same place as white
What was it like for people who were fighting against apartheid? (Find several examples to illustrate)
They would get arested
What happened in 1964 and why?
mandela and other people were arested for treason
How did other countries show their support for the anti-apartheid movement? (2 examples)
They stoped trading with south africa and stop all the rugby and soccer games to show there support to nelsan mandala

Link: President Mandela
How long was Mandela in prison for and what was it like?
He was i there for 18 years and he was hard laboured
When did he get released.
What changed in 1994 that was the key reason the ANC was able to become the government?
all black people were allowed to vote
Link: World Statesmen
Why do you think Mandela is an inspiration to people all over the world?

couse he helped his own people

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