Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing sample

It was a very dark night it was halloween the night were all the ghosts would come out and scare people. This boy named tim walking the streets wanting to scare his friends Richard and Clevelyn, he was going to take them to a haunted house just around the corner from his house. So he told them to meet at the house, when they all got to the haunted house they busted the door down and went in and saw blood everywhere even on the roof.

Then suddenly they heard a whisper they heard “Leave now” over and over again but the didn’t know where it was coming from.  They quickly walked to the busted down door but when they got there the door was back up on the hinges and sealed shut so they couldn't get out then they heard another whisper “Run run there coming for you” over and over again then a man covered with blood came running after them. So they ran as fast as they could to any room in the house but the whispers were getting louder and louder and the footsteps were getting louder and louder thats when they found something.

They found a Window that was open and was able to fit everyone threw it to get out before the guy would catch them. So they jumped threw but one of them got stuck it was Richard so they pulled and pulled so he would come out and it worked after they got him out they rang the police to torch the house and everything in it but it was a long time till they would go there again

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