Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Did you know you can eat a comet? (not the real one) Me and my class made one out of ice cream. When I saw the cones on the teachers table and she said we were going to make comets I thought out of what. then she said out of ice cream, yum.

When room 16 came in and we all got in a circle we had to crush some biscuits to make rocks. Comets are made out of ice,dust and rock were using ice cream for the ice crushed cookies for the rocks and hundreds and thousands for the dust.

some of us got a tern to crush the biscuits when my friend done it, it looked like he just had a bag of dust. Then we got a scoop of ice cream in my hand to mix with the crushed biscuits. The ice cream it nearly made my fingers
freeze off but when I put it on my cone it was all right.

“Yum!” I said to my self while ice cream was dripping down my hand. Mr SommerVille made a mess with all the ice cream and biscuits,Then some plates started coming out with chocolate ice cream on them.

I like ice cream and it will be cool if we get to do it again and it will be nice.

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