Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In one more week we are Going to camp Bentzon on Kawau Island and we get to stay in cabins not tents.Its going to cool because we are going to be in rooms with our friends.

Camp Bentzon is on Kawau Island and you have to catch the bus to sans-pet. then catch the fairy to Kawau and then up to camp Bentzon.

I'm looking forward to abseiling because it looks cool and its high off the ground. but only need to jump down.

The confidence course is going to be challenging because I've never been on one before. it looks hard because

I cant wait in till camp it is going to be cool.

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  1. Hey Kobe

    Annie and Catherine here from Christchurch College of Education. We are visiting your blog as part of one of our ICT classes. Camp sounds exciting! hope the weather will be great and that you don't get sea sick on the ferry. Keep up the great blogging. TTFN