Monday, March 25, 2013

Picking Harakeke

Last week on Thursday we walked over to omaru creek to pick some harakeke/flax to weave, when we got there we had to sit down in the shade to listen to miss Tito. the reason why we were doing that was because we were going there was so we could learn about harakeke.

 Mrs Tito had to tell us some rules before we could pick it we had to say a prayer and then we had to learn some rules. They were don't cut the Pepi the baby or the Matua the dad or the Whaea the mum and don't slap each other with them because they are a taonga. Don't cut it at night and don't cut it in the rain or it will die.

The second thing we learnt was how to cut the harakeke proply you have to cut it on a angle so all of the goo drips back in to the plant to feed it. But make sure you don't cut the the baby or it will die it is easy to mistake it and cut it. some people cut it on perpouse because it is the finest peace of them all And the father and mother.

Then we came back to school to practice how to weave a putiputi/flower when we got weaving Miss Tito said every thing to do but I got lost. so I had to start again and it was hard for me to keep up but in the end i didn't finish because I couldn't keep up but it was fun any way

It was cool even though I failed hope we can do it again some day.

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