Friday, April 5, 2013


On Wednesday the 3rd four men came from Triathlon New Zealand to teach us about it and to know what order you do it in, And how to do it proply they set it up on the field so there was space.

The first thing we had to do was swimming but since we didn't have a pool we had to go on a slip and slide. When we got ready at the start one man was squirting the hose at every one. It was freezing as well as cool we had to go on it 4 times but the first time we went on it we were slipping and every
thing. And the soap got in every ones eyes so it was hard to see.

Then we had to bike it was a short around the field but it felt long im just lucky that I got a mountain bike. If I didn't get a mountain bike It would of been sore on my feet, when we hoped on the bike we had to hope on it out of were the bikes were and have our helmet on. As I was going round the corner I tried to overtake the person in front of me but it was hard then we finally got back i was tired but i still had to run.

When I was running around the field I was also trying to over take people but still trying to paste myself  then I was running then when I got to the end I came 6th But at least I had fun.

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