Friday, December 13, 2013

My amazing reflection

Having a net book has helped my learning because every time I don't know something I just go on to Google and search it. Its helped me with my maths,reading and writing, e.g one time I didn't know the awnser to a maths question so I searched up how to solve it.

The thing I learnt by myself this year, I found out that Nelson Mandela helped stop racism in his country and he went jail for it. Then I found out that he died just a week ago and that he was the president of south Africa.

*My teacher ms Tito has the expectation for us to be purple cows, Purple cow means to stand out from the rest. Plus to be better then you can be.

*The thing I have learnt by myself is how to fix the internet problems on my net book cause one time it wasn't working properly so I fixed it.

*The thing I have learnt from my friend this year is how to insert a tick on my Google docs. So I asked my friend and he showed me how to do it.

*I have helped my friends get good at hand ball. Cause they didn't know how to play properly so I helped them.

*I have grown my key competencies through digital tools cause I can communicate with people think better because I have the whole internet to find my awnser to anything.

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