Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 camp

Recently we went to keswick christian camp in Rotorua for our year eight camp, when we were getting ready to leave school Mr Burt was talking to us about having the best attitude and acting the pt england way. As we were leaving on the bus everyone was waving out to the teachers out the window and getting ready for a long drive.

When we were driving along the way to Rotorua we stop at a park so that we can have lunch and also have a little bit of fresh air,so we got back into our sets and get ready for another long ride before we get to keswick christian camp.

When we got to the campsite we all jump out of the bus with excitement and enthusiasm just wanting to go throw our stuff into our cabins and to try out our beds. In our Cabins there were five to six people in one cabin. As we all thought that we were just stay in our cabins Mrs Nua blew the whistle to tell us that we will all be going on a never bush walk.     

During our camp we did a lot sightseeing around Rotorua like going to see amazing things like
watching the geyser exploded into smoke. As we were still sightseeing we shot off to the campsite to unload our stuff then we jump back into the bus to go the pools.

on the last day we went for a ride on the luge and on the sky lines when we got in the skylines it was like we were floating in air. When we were at the top of the mountain we went to the luge for a hard ride down. As we were going down the hill everybody was nearly crashing in to the side of the barrier. Then when we finished we headed back to school.

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